DECATUR (WAND) - The Macon County Health Department shut down the Mi Pueblito restaurant in Decatur. 

Details from an inspection report show the restaurant in Fairview Plaza was inspected Wednesday, uncovering a list of 58 issues, mostly in regards to unsanitary conditions and unsafe food storage.  

Among the violations: 

  • Beef stored at 52 degrees, chicken stored at 46 degrees. The "temperature danger zone" is listed at 41 degrees and higher.
  • Bulk foods (like chips) stored in open/broken containers.
  • Walk-in cooler temperature readings were inaccurate.
  • Food handled without gloves - cheese sprinkled over dishes with bare hands.

The Macon County Health department closed the restaurant in order to fix the issues. Mi Pueblito tells WAND News they plan to reopen Friday at 3 p.m.