SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - COVID-19 has affected people all over the world, but this can be an especially uneasy time for children. That's why one military community has launched a program to recognize kids for their acts of kindness.

National Marketing Director for Hunt Military Communities, Lynette Hegeman, says while their parents are serving the country, military children can model that behavior by serving their community.

"Living with an active service member comes with great responsibility," Hegeman says. "It almost breeds the spirit of kindness and taking care of people in your community, because they try to emulate what their parents do."

Hunt Military Communities have bases all over the United States, even in Springfield.

"It's a military division that provides housing to service members in over 44 communities," Hegeman says.

According to Hegeman, every April is month of the military child but this year, Hunt Military Communities wanted to do something special and highlight many children who make a positive impact in their town.

"We launched Hunt's Little Heroes, because we recognize their are children who do things around their community that are extraordinary, but they really don't get recognition."

The Little Heroes Program encourages children to share their story of what it takes to be a hero.

"Maybe it's a child that decides, hey we're going to write letters to nurses or doctors," Hegeman says. "Maybe it's going to pick up trash in the community on a walk while they are social distancing. It could be anything."

Hegeman says kids can apply in a number of ways. They just have to be a child of an active military member.

"This is for any child of a military dependent; between the ages of four and 15. It can be anywhere, so they don't have to be living in a Hunt Military Community," Hegeman says. "They can fill out an application, which then requires them to upload either a 300-word essay, a video or a drawing. We will have a committee that will be selecting our special little heroes, and they will have a celebration in their local community and a coining by our president."

Submissions are open now and close April 20. Many winners will be selected on May 1. Anyone can apply by visiting their website.