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DECATUR, Il. (WAND) – A new degree will be offered at Millikin University School of Education.

The degree is a new Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) that will specifically focus on anyone seeking an Illinois teaching license through the completion of graduate study.

Millikin said the degree is open to all career-seeking professionals who have completed an undergraduate degree in an academic area other than education.

"Millikin University's commitment to service and education at all levels has led us to establish this important program," said Millikin President Dr. Patrick E. White. "We all know the profound effect that quality teaching can have. Through this MAT program and Millikin's Performance Learning, ambitious people from all walks of life will engage excellent teacher/mentors in the School of Education and emerge ready to inspire, motivate and educate the next generation of successful learners at schools throughout Illinois and beyond. We know this program will have an enormous positive effect on schools and communities near and far."

A MAT degree will allow those to enter a teaching profession in Illinois in areas of early childhood education or elementary education.

Students can choose from evening courses that run year-round, a full program during a traditional class time or a combination of day and evening classes that best suit their schedule needs.

Millikin University's Master of Arts in Teaching offers numerous benefits including:

  • Program options for early childhood education and elementary education
  • Two years of coursework to complete degree and licensure requirements
  • Eligibility for financial aid
  • Increased job stability and opportunities
  • Provides a path to earn teacher licensure
  • Additional earning potential with an advanced degree
  • Furthering the educational pathway to a terminal degree

Alan Mather, president of the Golden Apple Scholars of Illinois said, "With the dramatic and growing Illinois teacher shortage, I could not be more pleased that Millikin University is adding the MAT degree program to add to the teacher pipeline for those who want to become licensed teachers in early childhood education and elementary education. With the growing partnership between Millikin and Golden Apple, including a $500 scholarship match for Golden Apple Scholars who attend Millikin and an additional push to align with schools in Piatt & Macon counties – including the Decatur Public Schools – I could not be more thrilled with Millikin's work to solve big problems."