University Commons Cafe - Millikin

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - A group of Millikin University students spent part of Saturday afternoon listening to healthy eating tips from the school's chef, and also checking out the school's rooftop garden.

Brian Pehr, Millikin's Executive Chef, said the message of eating healthy is personal to him.

“I’m a guy that had to have gastric sleep surgery and I’ve lost 152 pounds because of bad food choices," Pehr said. "So I’m a big proponent now of thinking about good food choices.”

After addressing the students who were eating in the school's cafeteria, Pehr showed a handful of them the rooftop garden that sits atop the university's science building. The garden was a gift from the school's biology department, and has been in place since May.

“I begged them for it," Pehr said, "And it’s been a complete success... I’m growing herbs and tomatoes and peppers… And we’ve actually done our own dressings and oils and vinegars and sauces that were harvested from the rooftop garden to bring it to the cafeteria.” 

The event was planned by student Adam Hayes, a residential advisor on campus.

“What we’re doing in this program is to kind of reach out to (students) and advocate for the (cafeteria) that there’s options in there that you can take that will help you have a healthy lifestyle," Hayes said. “I just hope to see that people can come in the (cafeteria) and get food that they like and tastes good, but also gives their body the energy to go to class and take these exams and do well.”