DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - A collection of instruments and then a sudden drop of the baseline could be heard as the top of the stairs were reached.

"Alright guys, what sounds do you hear?" 

Music teacher, artist and recent Millikin graduate Kaream Williams was training his students to hear the different strings of music within a song. 

"My style (involves) string sections (and) brass sections, and I want to incorporate all that stuff into hip-hop music or reggae as well," explained Williams. "I have a very unique sound when it comes to making music. It's kind of hard to find people who make music just like me." 

Williams told WAND News he's made it his mission to teach his students how to make beats, write music and analyze lyrics. 

"Today we were analyzing J Cole's Middle Child," explained Williams. "In his first verse he was talking about glorifying himself and in the second, he kind of goes into self-reflection." 

Millikin University offers a wide range of summer music programs. Anyone interested in finding out more can visit their webpage