$10 Minimum Wage Proposed For Decatur

Decatur – The General Assembly could not pass an increase in the minimum wage.  So, one candidate for Decatur City Council thinks the council should raise the wage to $10 an hour locally.

“The workers need help and they really need help today,” council candidate Bill Faber told WAND State Capitol reporter Doug Wolfe.  “I talk to workers who are making the minimum wage and they say you know fourteen dollars an hour would be great, but Bill, I'd take ten.  I'm working two jobs.”

Faber says census data shows 23.1% of Decatur residents are currently living below the poverty level, as compared to 14.1% of the population in the rest of the state.

“This pay raise for Decatur families will stimulate the economy and lift families out poverty,” Faber stated.

Faber, a Decatur attorney, is running for council in the April municipal election.  If his proposed ordinance passes the new $10 wage would go into effect January 1, 2016.