Missouri sheriff's office deputies welcome 17 babies

deputy baby boom

Credit: KSDK

HILLSBORO, Mo. (WAND) - Deputies at a Missouri sheriff's office are experiencing quite the baby boom.

At the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, deputies and their wives have welcomed 17 babies, ten boys and seven girls.

“We kept hearing week after week, month after month, of people having babies,” Sgt. Matt Moore told KSDK.

He helped organize a photoshoot with the dads and their babies. The images have gone viral.

Moore said taxpayers may have played a role in the baby boom.

“Prop P definitely helped,” Moore said. “You have more flexibility in starting a family when there's more money coming in.”

Last year, voters approved a property tax increase. Some of the funds went toward police pay. The starting salary went from about $37,000 to about $50,000.

“Formula is extremely expensive. Diapers, you go through so much at this age. It's a huge help,” said Deputy Cody Cawvey.