CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) - A mother was inspired to put an end to bullying after seeing the everyday bullying her son faces daily.

Jamie Stevens is a mother of two and she says it's been hard on both of her kids, but her second child, Eli, has been having it worse. She says Eli has come home multiple times feeling defeated and even questioning if he had to go to school.

Eli attends Jefferson Middle School. He says he was excited when he transferred due to another bullying situation, but the bullying seems to continue to follow him. His mother says it got so bad to the point where students were beating her son up, so she took it to the school.

"Jefferson is working on it. The staff genuinely cares and it's not an issue that's going to be fixed easily," said Stevens.

She says Jefferson Middle School has tried their absolute best to accommodate Eli and listen to his problems. The school even has an anti-bullying mandatory class that all students must take part in. However, Stevens says bullying has always been everywhere and she just wants to put a stop to it.

She formed a Facebook group called 'Community Alliance Against Bullying' in which she encourages other parents to share their stories and how they are handling similar situations. She also wants them to come together and find solutions, methods and ideas to help end bullying and work on partnering with schools to help other children like Eli.

Stevens plans to get community input and present it at Jefferson Middle School.