TEXAS CITY, Texas (WAND) -What would you do if men wearing clown masks pulled up next to you in your driveway wielding machetes?

That is what happened to a couple in Texas City, Texas. 

The man and woman were sitting in their car in their driveway when two men pulled up alongside them.

One wearing a clown mask got out, walked up to them and stuck a machete through the car window.

He put the machete to the man's throat, and said, "You gonna give it up, or I'm gonna cut you," according to a police report.

The second man, also wearing a clown mask, came up to the passenger-side door, but the woman was able to escape and grab her children's two-wheel scooter.

She then started hitting the two suspects with it.

The suspects ran back to their car with the woman still chasing them with the scooter, hitting their car with it and busting out a window.

The suspects were identified as 32-year-old Luis Jimenez and 35-year-old Jose Lugo.

They were placed under arrest and charged with aggravated robbery.