Mother of Willow Long arrested

Effingham - Ciara DeRyke, the mother of Willow Long entered a plea in the Effingham County Court on Tuesday.

Ciara DeRyke, 26, pleaded guilty to obstructing an officer. She was taken into custody in early December for lying to police about her knowledge of the murder. Ciara told officers back in September, that she saw her daughter on morning of September 8th, even though Willow had reportedly died the night before.

Willow Long went missing Sunday September 8th from her home in Watson. Hundreds of volunteers and police searched for Willow.  

Around 7:30 p.m. Monday September 9th four volunteers found a small child in an area south of the village of Watson in Effingham County. An autopsy confirmed the identify of the body to be Willow Long.  

Justin DeRyke, Willow Long's uncle,  is currently in custody for her murder.

Ciara DeRyke will spend 120 days in the Effingham County Jail and be placed on 18 months probation.