vr reunion

SOUTH KOREA (WAND) - Jang Ji-sung lost her 7-year-old daughter Nayeon to an incurable disease in 2016, but last year, she was able to reunite with her child through the use of VR or virtual reality.

The Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation shared a clip from the experience  which has been featured in a documentary titled, "I Met You," on Thursday.

Virtual reality gives people an immersive experience through wearing a headset.

Jang stands in front of a huge green screen wearing a VR headset and haptic gloves.

Using the technology, she is able to talk to her daughter, hold her hands, and even experience a birthday party with her.

The experience is very emotional. Jang cries the moment she sees the virtual Nayeon.

The experience has been shared all over social media with people torn. Some find it to be a comforting and touching way to feel connect to lost loved ones. Others think it is going a bit too far in bending reality.

To see party of the documentary, "I Met You" for yourself, click HERE.