(WAND) - Mr. Peanut has died, Planters confirmed in a pre-Super Bowl ad and nut lovers around the world are mourning.

An ad of Mr. Peanut was posted showing him in his top hat and holding his signature cane. In the video he’s with his friends Wesley Snips and Matt Walsh, getting into a car accident.

The three are seen hanging from a branch after the NUTmobile crashes. Mr. Peanut decides to let go of the branch in order to save his friends.

“It’s with heavy hearts that we confirm Mr. Peanut has passed away at 104 years old,” Samantha Hess, planters brand manager at Kraft Heinz, said in a statement. “He will be remembered as the legume who always brought people together for nutty adventures and a good time."

Fans will be able to see Mr. Peanuts funeral during the third quarter of the game on Super Bowl Sunday.

"I'll do my best to honor his legacy and be there for my friends like he was always there for me even until our last wild ride together," Walsh said in a statement encouraging viewers to "pay their last respects" during the Super Bowl.