silo mural.JPG

MANKATO, Minn. (WAND) — Art is taking shape on an unusual place in Minnesota.

A mural going up on grain silos is all about creating a community that people driving by have compelled to stop and enjoy.

"We walk this way just to check his progress,' said Jim Jans of Mankato.

The artist's 135-foot tall canvas is making a statement across the state. Guido van Helten uses a metal basket lift to finish his work.

"We think it's great," said Jans.

Up and down he goes every day.

The mural is like a photographer taking shape that you can see from across the Minnesota River.

"Sometimes there's an image that totally works for the space. This was it," said van Helten.

Guido is an Australian artist and has painted murals around the world including several in the states. Each has a theme reflecting its location.

"She's leading the way and the other kids are moving with her," Guido said describing what he's painted already.

Guido won’t finish the painting before winter really sets in, but he will be back out in the spring to finish his latest masterpiece.

The mural is a $250,000 dollar project that was all privately funded.

You can more information on the project here.