MCDONOUGH, Ga. (WAND) – A Warrensburg woman earned a special title by winning North America Mrs. Universe 2019 Transcontinental.

Lisa Mohager, who was born and raised in the Warrensburg area, earned the award on Saturday, Aug. 3. The contest was held at the Henry County Performing Arts Center in McDonough, Ga.

Before winning the North America title in 2019, Mohager competed in the Mrs. Georgia Transcontinental pageant. She told WAND-TV she expects to compete for the title of Mrs. Universe in China later in 2019.

A Transcontinental Pageants press release said Mohager is married and has a daughter and three pets. She is founder of “Drab to Fab Life”, an online marketing company in the fitness industry. The release said she uses that business to help women take control of their lives with health and wealth coaching.

Mohager won the Best Self Atlanta Magazine Inspiration Award in 2018.

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