(WAND)- Today is National Voter Registration Day! Are you registered to vote? 

Illinois' mid-term election is less than 50 days away. 

A group of political science majors at Millikin University hosted a voter registration drive today. They focused on first time voters or people who just moved to the area. 

"There is a really underrepresented part of the society in America when it comes to voting and it's college students," said Jadon Cox, political science major at Millikin. "We need to make sure we're represented better." 

Cox sat at a table at the University Commons and helped fellow students fill out their voter registration form. He wants to make sure that everyone has a chance to make their voice heard. 

"I think midterms are overlooked a lot and I think students are overlooking those elections, because they don't see it as impactful," said Cox. The issues that we're having in the country, in the world right now, it's just important that anybody gets their voice out, no matter what your opinion is, you still need to get your voice out and heard." 

Laura Dean, Associate Professor of Political Science, participated in the voter registration drive. She says having students register other students is more effective than a faculty member trying to do so. 

 "I mean, I can tell them to do their homework and register and vote until I'm blue in the face, but if a colleague does it, then I think it's much more effective, " said Dean. 

Local election officials say that encouraging voting should start as young as possible. Sangamon County Clerk Don Gray visited a local elementary school today to teach the children about the voting process. 

"Speaking to the younger generation allows you to kind of build a platform of being a trusted official of knowing exactly how it operates," said Gray. "We want to make sure that kids are being exposed to the proper information that's accurate and accountable to them."

Be sure to visit you local County Clerk's Office today to register or click here and register online. 

The mid-term election is coming up this November.  

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