NWS Lincoln

National Weather Service, Lincoln, offices are closed because of the partial government shutdown. However, forecasters still have to clock-in for work. 

LINCOLN, Ill. (WAND) - The U.S. government has been partially shutdown for 20 days. However, a shutdown won't stop parts of Central Illinois from being under a winter storm watch. The National Weather Service is still operating 24/7. 

WAND News had to interview one of the lead meteorologist on the phone because the NWS office is closed to the public. Forecasters and managers aren't getting paid for their work but Ed Shimon, a meteorologist, said the partial shutdown shouldn't interfere in pushing updates. 

"The National Weather Service are in the accepted status," Shimon said. "Therefore, we remain in place to provide forecasts and warnings to protect lives and property." 

There's no telling when the partial government shutdown will end. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump visited the southern Texas border. When asked how much longer will the government stay partially shut down - he said he didn't know. Then he hinted at declaring a national emergency. 

"We can declare a national emergency, we shouldn't have to," President Trump said.