CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND) - Southwood Drive neighbors decided to use grant money on a library.

The library is located right behind of one of the Champaign homes where people casually walk and can pick up a book and read by the front of the house where there's a bench.

To some neighbors it promotes reading for children, but to others, it is a way for neighbors to get to know one another and communicate.

"It is just a little piece of heaven for those of us who are readers and it promotes community," said Cheryl Buckner.

The Neighborhood Small Grants program was created for neighborhood groups to feel a part of their communities and decide what they want to be seen in their blocks.

Some have used the $5,000 for block parties, others for street lights and now some for libraries. Neighrbohood Coordinator John Ruffin says neighbors can use those $5,000 towards anything, but they must not go over that mark if approved.

In order to qualify, all residents must pertain to a neighborhood group. If not, they must apply and wait until the application goes through. Once passed, neighbors will need to apply for the grant online and wait a couple of weeks for final decisions to be made depending on the request.

Ruffin says the grant has been around for a while and he's happy to see the word being spread.