New Champaign County Executive talks plan for office

CHAMPAIGN-URBANA, Ill. (WAND) -- Darlene Kloepper was elected to take over as Champaign County Executive.

Kloepper says it's been a long year and she has learned a lot. She says the inspiration to run came from both her background and her son's words of encouragement.

Kloepper has three weeks to prepare for the first county board meeting and says she already has a couple of things ready to discuss.

"My goal is to have a plan that we actually use to base our decision on it, that it's an active plan all the time ... my goal is to have it within the next 6 months," she said.

In addition, she says she plans to start making changes to the jails as well.

"I'm interested in consolidating the two jail facilities. Several years later, there's the racial task force, I am interested in getting some of those things started," she added.

The first board meeting will be held on Dec. 1.