BREAKING: Special Prosecutor to Investigate Claims of Misconduct by State's Attorney

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND)- Two former Macon County employees have filed a new federal civil suit against the county and State’s Attorney Jay Scott.

Robyn Lewis, a former Domestic Violence Coordinator and Victim Advocate, and Leah Cone, a former Deferred Prosecution Coordinator, filed the suit in the U.S. District Court in Springfield this week.

The two allege they were fired after complaining other employees of the State’s Attorney’s office had violated the county’s Political Activity Policy by soliciting and electioneering during work hours. In the suit, Lewis and Cone allege although their terminations were blamed on budget cuts, that was a pretext to fire them for complaining about policy violations.  

In May, another former employee named Amanda Maxwell-Burger filed a civil suit against the county and Scott, alleging she was wrongly fired.

In their suit, Lewis and Cone allege retaliatory discharge, violation of state whistleblower protections and violation of rights to association. Both are seeking reinstatement or pay and damages.

In 2016, Lewis submitted an affidavit in the case against Scott during an investigation into reports of misconduct. A special prosecutor has since cleared Scott in that case. In the signed affidavit, Lewis alleged political activity in the office and also alleged misuse of a Chevrolet Tahoe and the presence of sexually-explicit material on a computer.   

WAND has emailed Scott for comment on the new suit but had not yet heard back.