Oil Tanker company suing families affected by USS John McCain collision

ILLINOIS (WAND) - ALNIC, the company that owns the oil tank ship (that collided with the USS John McCain) wants to be cleared from Liability from the crash. Documents show ALNIC MC asked for more than 16 million dollars which will be "claimed for any losses or damages arising by reason of the collision."

The company said this should fall under the Limitation of Liability by the U.S. chapter code 30501; that gives an owner of a vessel the right to limit its responsibility in a naval casualty. Congressman Rodney Davis described the recent law suit a tragedy, especially when people's loved ones were killed. 

"We will make sure this distraction to the Palmer family - to the others - is done away with as quickly as possible," Davis said. 

Harristown Native, Theresa Palmer, who's son - Logan Palmer, was killed collision - said times have been trying since his death. She said the oil tanker company wants make sure their losses aren't that high. She expressed how the news of a lawsuit didn't help. 

"Nine of us out of the 10 have gone on board with a legal team," Palmer said. 

That legal team, recently responded to the complaint from ALNIC, they said the claim for Limitation of Liability is unconstitutional. Palmer's team said it "deprives the claimant of property right without due process of law". They said it violates the Fifth and 14th amendments. 

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