STEM school shooting

Photo: NBC News 

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (WAND) – One of eight victims has died after a shooting at a Colorado school. 

Eight students were hospitalized after the Tuesday shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch. Several of them are in critical condition Tuesday night, an update from KUSA says. 

Law enforcement leaders say the student killed was 18 years old. 

Investigators believe two students, including one who is of an adult age and another who is a juvenile, carried out the shooting. Both suspects are in custody Tuesday after deputies entered the school and struggled with them.

Investigators say a third suspect may have been involved.

Undersheriff Holly Nicholson-Kluth told NBC News police heard shots as they entered the middle school. The FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives came to the scene.

The public charter school was placed on lockdown, the district said, and other Highlands Ranch schools went on lockout.

Law enforcement went room-to-room and evacuated students, who have reunited with their families.

One parent told KUSA she received automated voice message about the lockdown. She said her son was safe in a room next to where the shooting happened.

There are 1,850 students, including 550 elementary students, 700 middle school students and 600 in high school at the STEM school, district leaders say.

The STEM campus is only eight miles southeast of Columbine High School, where 12 students were killed by gunmen in 1999.