changing table

(WAND) - Pampers is helping fathers take care of diaper duty out in public.

The company announced they have partnered with Koala Kare to provide 5,000 changing tables that will be installed in men's restrooms across the U.S. and Canada.

90 percent of dads polled by Pampers said they have gone into a public restroom that does not have a baby changing table.

The changing tables will be installed in men’s restrooms in high-need public locations, such as parks, community centers and libraries in big cities.

The first 500 of the tables are expected to be installed in the coming weeks.

The rest will be arriving over the next two years.

Pampers credits Florida father Donte Palmer with starting the movement to bring changing tables to men’s restrooms.

Last year, he shared a picture of himself squatting with his son on his lap trying to change his son's diaper.