Pana High School sends prayers to coach, family

Pana High School football coach, Trevor Higgins, with his son, Evan Higgins. 

PANA, Ill. (WAND) -- Hundreds of people gathered at Pana High School on Saturday to support a local family. 

Community members met to pray for Evan Higgins, a four-year-old boy, who is in the hospital after being found unresponsive in a pool. 

Evan Higgins is the son of Pana High School Football Coach, Trevor Higgins. 

Trevor Higgins shared a message on his Facebook page Friday evening, saying,

"We need prayers. Today Evan fell into the pool and was unresponsive when I got him out. CPR was performed and they were able to get a heartbeat back. He is now at St. John's in the PICU. The next few days are crucial. Pray for healing, for the doctors, nurses, and other staff at St. John. Our family is heartbroken but our faith in God is strong. He is the ultimate healer!"

Higgins' friends and Pena High School students met at the school on Saturday to pray and send strength to the family. 

Community members shared the impact Evan's father, Trevor, has on the school. 

"We're his sons too," said a Pana High School football player.

"Now he's our best friend and our coach," said another football player. 

Now the team is standing with the coach, through prayer. 

"Evan is like a little brother to this entire football team, and we are all heartbroken right now," said organizer and educator, Missy Ade.

Members at the vigil say they're staying strong for Evan. 

Trevor Higgins posted to Facebook on Saturday night, thanking community members for their support. The post says Evan will have more tests done to determine brain stem activity.