DECATUR, Ill. (WAND)- Parents and student continue to navigate through remote learning as the fall 2020 semester continues.

Erica Chevalier has four children in the Warrensburg-Latham School District.

When the announcement came about school moving to remote learning, Chevalier said she was disappointed, but understood the school's decision.

"I am not a teacher and it is a struggle, but I tried my best with the kids," she said. 

Chevalier has a full-time job on top of managing her family. She explained remote learning has been stressful. She recalled having to leave a Zoom call because her kids needed help with their class Zoom call.

"I had to just shut my computer down a little bit and attend to them (the kids)," said Chevalier. "But then what happens when I am neglecting my duties that help me take care of my children."

Warrensburg-Latham Superintend Cheryl Warner said in a direct quote to WAND News:

"The Warrensburg-Latham CUSD #11 has received a tremendous amount of support for our efforts in educating students remotely. We have a well-structured, consistent remote plan that other districts have modeled their remote plans after. However, we acknowledge that in-person learning is the best method of educating students and we also recognize how difficult remote learning is on students, parents, and teachers. We are continuously working toward returning students to a blended/in-person model of instruction as soon as safely possible. Currently, we are creating a staff coverage/security plan and recruiting & training substitute teachers as we have had approximately 16% of staff affected by COVID-19 in some manner. We know that as we return students to school, many families will choose to continue remote learning for a variety of reasons. It is critical that we attempt to maintain the integrity of our remote learning plan for those students. So, our teacher leadership teams are working diligently to combine current aspects of our remote plan with a blended/in-person plan. We are continuing to review region, county, and district level data with healthcare professionals along with ISBE, IDPH, and CDC guidelines to make district decisions. We are hopeful to offer a blended/in-person option for families soon. We are extremely thankful to our families for their support, patience, and feedback throughout remote learning."

Chevalier works in child welfare and said she's heard from a number of parent and guardians going through the same issues.

She hopes things can start to return to normal and students can head back to the classroom.

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