Warren Burnett

Warren D. Burnett, 25 

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - Two people were set on fire and beaten in what they thought would be a marijuana transaction, Decatur police said. 

According to sworn statements, one of the two victims had bee communicating with a person by cell phone about meeting up at a Decatur house on the night of Nov. 10 to purchase marijuana. When the victims got to the house, police one of the two went inside and was confronted by two people, who pulled out guns and started to rob him. 

Police said the suspects used handguns to hit the victim in the head and face, eventually knocking him unconscious, before dragging the second victim into the house and beating him, too. The first victim stated when he woke up from getting knocked out, two additional suspects had joined in the attacks, per statements. 

Police said the victims had lighter fluid poured on them before the suspects lit them on fire. Officers said the victims were then taken out of the house with pillowcases over the heads and taken to a different area, where they were told to get out and walk. 

The victims then went to Decatur Memorial Hospital for treatment for severe burns. Police said one of them had second-degree burns to the face, top of the left hand, left forearm and left side of the body, along with a cut on the back of the head that needed six staples to close.

The second victim had severe burns to the face, lips, left eye, both hands, upper chest and left thigh. He had a "golf ball-sized knot" in the middle of the forehead that was actively bleeding at the hospital. After complaining about chest, throat and lung pain, responders intubated him. He was later flown to Memorial Medical Center in Springfield for further treatment. 

Information led authorities to conduct a search warrant at the address where the robbery and attacks happened. They said a crime scene found there matched the victim description. Warren D. Burnett, 25, was arrested on Nov. 13 and charged with two counts of attempted murder. 

Burnett's bail was set at $500,000. Inmate records said he paid 10 percent of that amount and was out of custody on Nov. 14. 

It's unknown at this time if authorities have made any other arrests in this case.

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