WOOD RIVER, Ill. (WAND) - Police arrested three people after executing a search warrant on a suspected drug house Thursday.

Wood River Police Department said they received several complaints about illegal drug activity at a house in the 230 block of E. Lorena Ave. Police said they’ve responded to home in the past.

The city deemed the home uninhabitable but the person who lived there continued to violate the posting, according to police.

Complaints and follow up calls to the home were turned over to the Wood River Police Department Drug Unit.

On Thursday, police executed a drug search warrant and arrested three people. A sign posted on the home said, “this drug house is closed for business, courtesy of the Wood River Police Department.”

"The activities at this home is/was a nuisance to the good people who live in this neighborhood," the department wrote in a Facebook post. "The members of the Wood River Police Department will continue to be the front line of interference of illegal activity and nuisances for the citizens who live and visit the City of Wood River."

Since beginning their concentrated crackdown, they’ve shut down dozens of drug homes in the area.