Rhonda Daniels

Rhonda Daniels, 21

FORSYTH, Ill. (WAND) – A Circle K worker is accused of stealing scratch-off lottery tickets and pocketing the winnings.

The manager of the store, located along Koester Drive in Forsyth, told police she noticed the cash drawer was short on May 13-15. Police say she looked at security video and watched Rhonda Daniels, 21, pulling the tickets without buying them, scratching off bar codes and scanning them.

Officers say Daniels admitted to stealing tickets on May 9, May 10 and May 13-15, when she would take one ticket from each roll at a time and several times per shift. Sworn statements say the tickets taken May 13-15 had a total value of $2,001.

The manager told police the lottery ticket system was down on May 9 and 10, so she was unable to get the exact times Daniels allegedly scanned the tickets on those days.

Daniels faces a theft charge. She is out of jail after posting 10 percent of her $2,000 bond.