Roy Eric Knittle

Roy Eric Knittle, 24 

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – A man who police said caused severe bruising to a child is facing charges in Macon County.

A family member of the 5-year-old child noticed bruising on his buttocks earlier in August. It was reported to police and an investigation began.

Police efforts led them to Roy Eric Knittle, 24, who at times was supervising the child. Officers said they talked to the child, who told them Knittle was the only person who had hit him before. Knittle is accused of spanking the child and squeezing their cheeks together.

The child also had a circular bruise on their right jaw that was “a nickel to (a) quarter in size”, according to law enforcement, and the bruising on the buttocks appeared to be from more than just a spanking. A doctor told officers they believed the child had been hit multiple times.

Knittle denied hurting the child, sworn statements said. He faces charges of aggravated battery to a child and domestic battery.

The suspect is out of custody after posting his $5,000 bond on Wednesday afternoon. Police had arrested him after midnight earlier on the same day.