DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – A man battered a 95-year-old woman as she sat in her car, police say.

According to officers, the woman was turning onto Greenhill Road from Route 36 Wednesday when 27-year-old Lamont D. Sanford’s car moved to avoid her and left the road. Police say Sanford then followed her to Greenhill and approached her while yelling. He’s charged with aggravated battery to a senior citizen after sworn statements say he reached into an open driver’s window and tried to take her car keys out of the ignition.

Police say Sanford pushed the woman’s hands out of the way to try to get the keys. He’s accused of telling her that he would “slap the glasses” off her face and “break (her) nose”.

Several witnesses saw this altercation happen, according to officers.

Sanford, who police say is a suspected crack dealer, is also accused of stomping on a different woman’s head and neck and slamming her to the group on the night of May 16. The woman he’s accused of attacking at that time told police she frequently buys crack from him. Sanford is charged with stealing $40 from the woman’s pockets.

Sanford is charged with unlawful vehicular invasion as well. His bond is set at $200,000 in Macon County.