Norvandis R. Smith

Norvandis R. Smith, 26 

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – A suspect accused of trying to spend a counterfeit $100 bill in Decatur is in custody.

On Wednesday morning, sworn statements said 26-year-old Norvandis R. Smith gave a Save-A-Lot (1175 W. Grand Ave.) employee a fake $100 bill in order to buy laundry soap and a bottle of water. Police said workers stalled him by saying they had to get change from a safe. He was arrested while trying to leave the store.

Authorities said a second suspect, who has not been arrested, was trying to pass a fake $100 bill at the same time while at County Market in Decatur. The identical bills had matching serial numbers, according to statements, and witnesses told police the suspects came from the same vehicle, which was across the street and getting oil changed at Speed Lube.

Smith is charged with forgery in Macon County. His bail is set at $2,000.