MACOMB, Ill. (WAND) – Chaos unfolded on Western Illinois University’s campus Tuesday evening when a freshman student is accused of shooting another student. Police radio traffic detailed the dramatic moments as it unfolded.

“Units at Thompson Hall, stage in the area,” an officer can be heard saying. Suspect is on the loose. Not secure.’

Law enforcement from at least three counties responded to Macomb as the investigation into the shooting at Thompson Hall played out. Officials said the shooting started with a dispute between roommates.

Students who call Thompson Hall were evacuated from the dorm within 20 minutes of the shooting.

"We're going to move all the students from Thompson Hall to Western Hall and secure them there,” police could be heard saying in radio traffic. “We are going to need security there."

Police say freshman Kavion Poplous shot his roommate. He was arrested nearly 24 hours later after turning himself into Chicago Police.

"I was really terrified to be honest,” Madi Maross, a freshman said, “I've never been in this situation and I couldn't get a hold of my mom because she phone was on silent all night

The call of a shooter at the University came in just before 10:30 Tuesday evening. Law enforcement from Schuyler and Warren Counties assisted McDonough County, Macomb Police and Illinois State Police in the investigation. Some of the officers were tasked with creating a perimeter around the dorm, while others searched for the suspect.

“There are several units working from top down, bottom up and meet in the middle,” officers would be heard saying in radio traffic. “They are not sure if he is in the building. Last call was he was in the stairwell.”

During the search, students like Madi watched from a far worried about her friends who lived in the dorm across campus from hers.

I was making sure nothing happened to them, but I wish nobody would have got hurt last night, but I know that's not the case,” she said.

Police radio traffic revealed that the shooting may have taken place on the fourth floor of the dorm. The condition of the suspect has not been released.

University officials said classes and activities will resume on Thursday, but dorms will be on lockdown through the weekend.

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