DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - A suspect in the murder of John Betscher, the owner of JB's in Decatur, has been arrested. 

Police said they arrested Dangelo Foster, 23, on Friday morning at the Macon County Courthouse. He faces a preliminary murder charge. 

The shooting happened on the evening of Nov. 14, 2020. Police responded to JB's, located at 1301 N. Calhoun St., and found Betscher unresponsive on the floor. 

Police said Betscher was working alone when the suspect pulled up to a drive-up window and fired multiple times, hitting him. 

The family of Betscher released a statement Friday night following this arrest: 

"John was an entrepreneur to his very core, pursuing opportunities in private businesses around Decatur, always with an eye towards new challenges in which to pour his endless energy. Sleep, meals and bathroom breaks had to be scheduled as second thoughts on his to-do list.

"John was married to Sally Madden of Decatur from 1983 until 2001, and they have six children. Later in his life, John and Shelley Phillips enjoyed many years together and shared a home in Mt. Zion.

"John lived life fully and enjoyed his time with family and friends. He was a hard-working and generous man, gregarious with strangers and always willing to help others. John's days were largely filled with hours of work interspersed with humorous, personal contact with so many. Those who knew him were left realizing they'd met a one-of-a-kind man.

"Also a note that we have been sooooooo thankful for the outpouring of support from the Decatur community. We didn’t know just how loved JB really was. It means a lot."

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