DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – Teens accused of dealing drugs in Decatur are facing charges.

Police say they stopped a Nissan Frontier with three people in it on the afternoon of March 9. Elizabeth Gilliam, 18, was the driver and Jeremiah Varner, 18, was a passenger in the front. Officers say a minor was a passenger in the back of the car.

The officer who stopped the car on Whitmer Street said in sworn statements that they smelled cannabis. Police say Gilliam handed them a bag of marijuana after she was asked questions. They say a probable cause search led to them finding even more drugs.

Officers say they found bags in the car containing “molly”, Xanax bars, cocaine, and marijuana, along with a cannabis grinder and black digital scale. They say they also saw text messages on phones in the car in which people asked for or ordered drugs.

In total, the marijuana police say Gilliam and Varner possessed weighed just under two ounces.

Statements say Gilliam and Varner admitted to trafficking drugs during an interview with police and told officers they made as many as five drug runs on March 9 before they were stopped. Police say the minor also admitted to trafficking drugs.

Macon County records show Gilliam and Varner posted bond and are out of custody. Both of them face multiple drug-related charges. Police did not specify what charges, if any, the minor faces.