DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – A woman accused of cutting a man in his scrotum is facing charges in Macon County.

Police said they were called to a Decatur address, which WAND-TV is not reporting to avoid identifying the victim, on June 24. A sworn statement said Chayla L. Bradford, 30, and the man were involved in a fight that turned violent.

According to officers, Bradford grabbed the man from behind with two hands. After he broke free, they said she tugged at his genitals twice and to the point where it was painful.

The two people then wrestled, per police, before the victim felt a sharp pain on the right side of his scrotum and realized he had been stabbed. Police said the injury was 5-6 inches wide and 1-2 inches deep.

Bradford is charged with aggravated domestic battery and obstructing justice. County records show she also faces counts of aggravated ID theft and retail theft, but it’s unclear what happened to lead to those charges.

Her total bail is set at $7,720 in Macon County.