Predicting the Election

Champaign- A group of computer science students at the University of Illinois campus are predicting the presidential and senate elections using election analytics. 

Making this site unique besides that it is run mostly by undergraduate students, is that it is updated constantly, making it the only site that gives real time predictions on who is projected to win. "What we don't do that other sites try and do is predict what is going to happen two months on election day. We feel when you do that you create an extensive amount of uncertainties, we give you a snapshot of what would happen if the election was held today" said Sheldon Jacobson, Computer Science professor at the University of Illinois. "What makes our site very valuable, it doesn't simply look at the popular vote, people read a lot about you know one candidate is ahead by one or two points. We look at it state by state. Because you don't win the white house by popular vote, you win the white house by electoral college vote" 

The site offers an unbiased look into the election. "We are completely non-partisan. We also don't provide any political spin or commentary or try to bias any of the results, we purely are data driven." said Jacobson. 

Dr. Jacobson has been running election analytics since 2008, and in that time have been able to predict elections with great accuracy, even offering viewers a way to look at their predictions from the previous years. 

To can view the website by clicking here.