SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - Governor JB Pritzker's administration released a new report Friday detailing a budget gap for the upcoming fiscal year of $3.2 billion. 

That is 16 percent more than Former Governor Bruce Rauner's administration estimated in November.

 Pritzker's administration is calling it "The Rauner Wreckage Report."

They said they have identified even worse damage than previously known. They said the backlog of bills is triple the amount of "when Governor Rauner’s impasse began." 

Late payment interest penalties have exceeded $1.25 billion, and interest on the refinancing of the backlog will surpass $2 billion.

 “Illinois will need years to dig out of the fiscal mess this administration inherited, and the road to recovery will begin with Governor Pritzker,” said report author Deputy Governor Dan Hynes, who oversees budget and economic issues for the administration. 

“The Pritzker administration will be honest and transparent about the challenges we face and put forward long-term plans and investments that will get our state on firm financial footing. Despite these challenges, we will propose a balanced budget that invests in education and human services that were decimated under the previous administration.”

The report calls this a historic budget crisis and details what Pritzer's camp claims was chronic mismanagement of state government under Rauner's leadership.

They also claim Rauner's administration failed to pay the rent for his Washington, D.C. office and forfeited millions in federal reimbursements for OSHA.

Last year, the State paid out more than $700 million in late payment penalties. Pritzker said that is about what the state spends on the Department of Children and Family Services or would be enough to hire at least 7,000 new teachers across the state.