SPRINGFIELD, Ill (WAND) - More than 30 Sangamon county public health employees picketed and protested outside the county complex Tuesday.

All of them were chanting "no justice, no peace". Their message was loud and clear and their patience was running thin. Lindsey Sleade said her contract expired in November of 2018. 

"We've been working with an employer who wants to continue rolling over the same contract they've used for years," Sleade said. 

Sleade mentioned how her job has a high turnover rate and the demands are reasonable. Employees said they want improved sick days. Sleade said nurses have forced themselves to show up to work sick. 

"They do not get personal days until they've been on the job for a year. They cannot get sick time until they've been on the job for six months," Sleade said. 

Working for the county means one's job is public information. However, employees said personal information is also posted. They're requesting better privacy protection for safety reasons. 

WAND News reached out to the county administrator for comment. Brian McFadden said the county has a contingency plan for if a strike happens. He added that workers have a right to picket if they choose. 

WAND is also reached out to 28 of the 29 board members, but no one responded by news time.