RANTOUL, Ill. (WAND) - A total of 83 people have tested positive for COVID-19 at Rantoul Foods. 

On-site drive-thru testing was conducted on May 8 - May 9. Before on-site testing there was a total of 52 cases. After on-site testing was wrapped up there were 30 new positive cases, bringing the total to 782. 

About 225 employees have yet to be tested.

All employees who have tested positive will be contacted by the C-U Public Health District (CU-PHD) to interview them and contact all of their close contacts. These employees will remain off work until they have met the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for returning to work. Employees must receive written approval to return to work from the C-U PHD.

The OSF Pandemic Health Worker (PHW) Program team will be following these individuals collaboratively with C-U PHD. PHWs deliver care kits to these individuals which can include a tablet, pre-loaded with health applications (for individuals who don’t have a home computer or tablet), health education materials, a thermometer, hand sanitizer and wipes.

A SafeWorks Illinois press release announced Illinois Pork Producers will complete an environmental virus survey at the Rantoul Foods plant. U of I staff members will take samples at locations throughout the plant and test them for COVID-19. Any hot spots found will help Rantoul Foods management learn where to increase hand sanitizer stations, equipment wipe down efforts and employee personal protective equipment.

Rantoul Foods recognizes that it must remain vigilant and proactive about protecting the health of its employees. COVID-19 is an ongoing and evolving situation facing employers everywhere,” said Dr. David Fletcher, medical director with SafeWorks Illinois.

The full press release is attached to this story.

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