ST LOUIS (WAND) – This is a story with a happy tail wag at the end after a sad beginning.

Dog Alley is “living the life now,” said her new adopted owner Kyle Lyon.

Lyon is an officer with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. He was on the job when he and his partner got a call about a homeless man in an alley. He was unresponsive and was pronounced dead.

When Lyon and his partner tried to approach the man, Alley was there standing over her former owner. She gave them a growl and Lyon had think of a way to coax her away.

Alley had stayed with her owner’s side after he passed away for at least a day a half, shivering and starving in the cold.

With some quick-thinking Lyon got some Tater tots to get Alley to come to him.

“I coaxed her with some tater tots and we became best friends,” Officer Lyon wrote in a Facebook post.

He took her to the Center for Animal Rescue & Enrichment of St. Louis and couldn’t wait to go check on her.

“I told them to put my name for an adoptee,” he said.

Once his shift was over, he went back to the rescue. The shelter allowed Lyon to foster Alley until time was up for her original owner’s next of kin to claim her. She then went home with Lyon.

“She was stressed and exhausted the first few days, but now she’s a completely different dog — loving life!” he wrote on Facebook.

Lyon said the original owner’s family in Texas reached out, wanting to check in on Alley.

“The family said they couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome than Officer Lyon adopting Alley,” an official with the shelter told KSDK-TV.

“They were just ecstatic that I took her,” he said.

Now Lyon and the family stay in touch. They’ve even exchanged numbers and photos of Alley. One of the photos from the family is of Alley and her former owner.