Salvation Army bell ringers bring donations, smiles

(WAND) - A new feature will help people donate to the Salvation Army, even if they aren’t carrying cash on them.

No cash? No problem, the organization said. Now when you see a Red Kettle you can simply pull out your cellphone and pay.

"Folks can actually come up to the kettle site and if they don't have any dollar bills or change in their pocket ...they actually scan the logo here and it opens up to our Salvation Army website where they can go in and make their donation a very secure donation on their phone," said Major Carlyle Gargis, Salvation Army Area Commander.

Local commanders say the system they have is safe and users should have nothing to worry about when donating.

"All information goes into our national Salvation Army websites which are very secure and have been secure locations for donors for many, many years,” said Gargis.

The money donated then goes out to a Salvation Army in your area, based on your billing zip code. The money is then used for food for local pantries.

"It's even helping put people in a bed tonight who have no place to go. The Red Kettle is something that has truly been making the difference in the lives of people… for years and years and years and will continue to do so in the years to come,” said Gragis.

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