School threat identified as rumor, not credible

MONTICELLO, Ill. (WAND) – An Illinois school district found a potential threat to its schools to not be credible.

Superintendent Vic Zimmerman sent out a letter to the district saying the fake threat started as a rumor on social media. People were spreading something about a student who had talked about bringing a gun to school on Monday, March 5. Zimmerman said the rumor grew to the point of people taking it as a threat.

“The Monticello Police Department has determined that the rumor was not accurate and is not a credible threat or a concern to the safety of students and staff at Monticello CUSD No. 25,” Zimmerman said in the letter. “Students are reminded to be wary of spreading rumors on social media that may cause undue distress for those involved.”

The district says students who they find responsible for “made up school threat stories” will face discipline.

Zimmerman says the district will see an extra police officer at Monticello High School on Monday morning with more patrols coming. The security is just a response to “the heightened sense of anxiety” after the Florida shooting.

“The safety and security of our schools, our students and our faculty and staff is paramount to Monticello CUSD No. 25 and we must all continue to work together to keep it at the forefront,” Zimmerman said.