DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – K-9 officers from another city are searching for a teen who disappeared in Decatur.

WAND-TV has learned Bloomington K-9s are involved in the search for Dominic Walker, joining Cook County bloodhounds who came to the scene to help Monday. Walker, a teen from Mattoon with Asperger’s syndrome, was visiting family when he disappeared over the weekend.

Walker’s father, Adam, told the station Dominic was watching Netflix when he went to sleep at 3:30 a.m. Saturday. When he woke up, the teen was gone and the back door of the West King Street home was open.

“I’ve been shocked this whole time, not knowing what to think or do,” he told WAND-TV. “I’m at a loss.”

Dominic’s mother, Margarita Walker, says she’s worried for her son’s safety.

“I miss him. I’m scared,” she said. “There’s not a mean bone in his body, so I’m scared he hasn’t been able to defend himself. I’m really worried.”

Dominic is 5-foot-5 and is believed to be wearing glasses seen in the photo attached to this story. He had on a red hooded sweatshirt and possibly blue shorts when he was last seen.

Decatur Sgt. Chris Copeland is asking anyone with information about Walker’s whereabouts to call the Decatur Police Department at (217)424-2711.

The FBI is involved in the investigation as of Tuesday.

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