DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - A woman put together a room full of ideas with one goal in mind - bringing people together.

Michelle Walker has visions of hope for her beloved community. To be with people who are like-minded only encourages her to do more. 

"I was raised in Decatur, Illinois," Walker said. "Its about bringing everyone together." 

Every year, Walker invites people to have a productive conversation that can hopefully motivate them to take action. They touched on issues such as reforming the criminal justice system, supporting loved ones who are incarcerated and figuring out how to stop senseless acts of violence. 

"Its a meeting getting (where we) all geared up on what we need to do and everybody individually go back out," Walker said. 

The Macon County Sheriff, Chubby Brown, said it "takes a village." 

"None of us could do anything - no one actually reached a level of success by themselves, it took others," Brown said. 

That's the message and challenge Walker aims to get across. She said "we do (have) a lot of unity but actually have to come together."