DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) - Many people are using the next day or so to find that perfect Father's Day gift for dear old dad.

While shopping, the phrase “what do you buy for the guy who has everything" may come to mind. Well, several spots in downtown Decatur are itching to answer that question!

"Men's rings, men's jewelry, cuff links, all kinds of things that are reasonably priced for Father's Day (are available)," said Bennie Strumpher, owner of Decatur Coin and Jewelry.

"We have a pretty good selection of bourbons. Bourbons are very popular, so yes bourbons, but also scotches, and other spirits,” Decanter co-owner Jay Emrich said. “(We have) prime cut steaks from bun gourmet that are very delicious. (You) probably won't find anything else like it in town."

"(We have) some cool new wallets from Holland that have been selling very well. We've got a few watches,” Ryan Spurlock, Brass Horn co-owner, said. “We've got some great shirts that are easy to care for."

With Father's Day on Sunday, many downtown businesses are very dad-focused. For this holiday, and every day, these store fronts would like to see shoppers come through their doors. It keeps the business local instead of money going to the big box stores.

"Downtown Decatur is a fantastic shopping destination now, and I think one of the main reasons why it's important to shop local is because we all live and work here in the local area. So the dollars that we make go right back into the community," Spurlock explained.

"There's the personal effect that we have when I talk to the people about the wines, or beers, or spirits or other products we have in our shop,” Emrich said. “We can talk about them with knowledge of the product."

"Support the local economy, take that money and turn it over inside the economy and roll it. If you shop local, that person who got that money that you shopped with, they're going to spend it in the local economy too, likely,” Strumpher said. “So it's a really good generator of future activity."

Both the Brass Horn and the Decanter are open the day before Father’s Day for last-minute shopping. The Decanter is also holding a wine tasting event on Saturday.

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