ILLINOIS (WAND) – The sister of a man accused of killing a deputy and leading police on a high-speed chase is making her voice heard.

Christine Brown and her family are working through their emotions after the death of McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy Jacob Keltner. Her brother, Floyd Brown, is the suspect accused of shooting him as he served a search warrant at a Rockford hotel on March 7. Keltner died after the shooting at a hospital.

Police say the suspect then led state police on a highway chase that at times went over 100 miles per hour before crashing in Logan County and engaging in a six-hour standoff with law enforcement. They eventually took him into custody.

In an interview with reporters, Christine Brown said the knowledge that her brother could face the death penalty is a "nightmare".

“We just lost our mom in October due to cancer,” she said. “It feels like I’m losing the second-closest person to me.”

Christine is adamant in saying that Floyd Brown is “not a monster”.

“He’s a great father to all his kids,” she added. “He spends a lot of time in their lives. When he had the chance to, he earned his diploma.”

She also offered sympathies to the Keltner family as they deal with loss.

“My heart honestly, truly, goes out to all of them”, she said.

Floyd Brown faces federal murder charges after the deputy’s death, along with murder charges in Winnebago County. Christine told reporters that the suspect still has his family’s support.