Smoke Alarm Blitz held in Douglass Park neighborhood

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WAND)- For the third time, volunteers, firefighters and residents installed smoke alarms in the Douglass Park neighborhood.

Teams knocked on doors, offered to check smoke alarms and installed new ones when needed.

The blitz was the third held in honor of Christian Sheehan, a 23-year-old killed in a 2016 fire. 

"We're going to canvas over 300 homes today and we have over 100 volunteers. Our main goal is to check smoke alarms, make sure they're working and if they don't have any working that we install them," said Champaign Fire Chief, Gary Ludwig.

One local resident says it's important for all residents to check up on their neighbors.

"I'm just overwhelmed because it's a nice gesture and it's very much needed," said Juanita Mason.

Sheehan's mother says she wanted to use her loss for something positive and she couldn't be more thankful for the fire department, red cross and residents for their support.

"Champaign is a unique community. It may not be known for an ocean or mountain but when someone is in need of support this community comes out," said Joy Sheehan.