SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WAND) - Every year, Oct. 16 is World Food Day. It's a day where people all over the globe take a stand against hunger.

Ashley Earnest, with the Central Illinois Food Bank, said World Food Day is all about raising awareness and taking action.

"Every action counts," Earnest said. "So,if you are able to share a social media post we make, if you're able to come in and volunteer or if you're able to donate monetary or food."

Events are organized in up to 150 countries around the world to help fight hunger, and volunteers like Christina Dumbar, from Wells Fargo, said she's happy to give back to the community.

"Some days, you get tied up in your own life, but being able to give back to the community is really fulfilling," Dumbar said.

Zeus McClurkin, member of the Harlem Globetrotters, even made a special appearance.

"The Globetrotters have always tried to impact these communities everywhere that we go to make sure we put smiles on people's faces," McClurkin said. "What better way to do that then food?"

McClurkin volunteered with employees from Wells Fargo to help the Food Bank bag pears.

"It's important because it allows our company to give back to the community and serve others," Dumbar said.

The Food Bank said one small action, can make a difference for the thousands of people who face hunger right here in central Illinois.

"It really is your neighbor, this is your coworker, this is a student that your kid goes to school with," Earnest said. "Hunger affects everyone."


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