Adults urged to become foster parents in program

MACON COUNTY, Ill. (WAND) - May is Foster Parent Awareness Month, and the Lutheran Child and Family Services is urging community members to get involved in fostering.

"Macon County is one of the highest counties in regards to children who have been abused and neglected," one licensing worker said. "This year alone we have already taken 100 children into protective care, which is an increase of 44 percent."

WAND-TV caught up with a foster parent, Casey Baldwin, who has seen 17 children come through her doors. 

"Being a foster parent is rewarding and difficult in that order," Baldwin said. "Caring for children in hard places is hard."

She says the experience is a rewarding one.

"When you see them start to learn you are safe that they can trust you ... when you get them into a stable place and are able to pour love in their lives and see them respond, it's very rewarding," she added.

The Lutheran Child and Family Services organization says other help opportunities are available if someone don't want to foster. The organization also offers classes to become a foster parent. For more information, call 217-428-8380.

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