Man takes ashes coast to coast in wife's memory

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND)-- Lance Tittle is on a great adventure. He started his walk at Sunset Beach in New Jersey, and he will finish it at Sunset Beach in California.

This trip isn't just for fun. Tittle is raising money and awareness for Alzheimer’s disease.

In January of last year his wife died from the disease. 

"There's 7 days in a week, and someday isn't one of them," Tittle said. "You always live life like someday you'll do this and someday you'll do that. Someday my wife and I were going to travel the world, but somedays don't come."

Now Tittle decided to take his wife's ashes across the country,

"When you walk, you see the whole country from a whole different perspective," he said. "I'm only 1,000 miles into it I got two to go. I got a lot of tough roads ahead of me, but I walk with the lord on my shoulders every day."

He says the people he meets along the way give him motivation to keep walking.

"It's not easy but I'm doing it for her I'm doing it for Alzheimer’s. I'm not there yet, but I thought to myself if I don't try I fail, if I try I don't fail," he added. 

He says this journey has opened his eyes to how wide spread this disease really is.

"Just about everyone that I stopped and talked to someone in their family was touched by Alzheimer’s," he said. 

This is why Lance Tittle is this week's Spirit of Central Illinois recipient.

People can donate to Tittle's effort by clicking here