Mural project gives artists opportunity

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – An art initiative in Decatur is leading to mural art popping up all over town.

WAND-TV awarded the Decatur Area Arts Council with its Spirit of Central Illinois award for its work with the Decatur Mural Project, which gave artists the opportunity to paint on a rather large canvas – a wall.

Take Eric Weatherford, who turned an August 2017 mural on the Garcia’s Pizza building into his own business. The Decatur Mural Project gave him that first opportunity, and his artwork can now be seen everywhere in Decatur.

“That’s every artist’s dream, to get recognized for their work,” he said.

The DAAC has organized the creation of seven murals since 2013.

“It gives people something beautiful to look at,” said DAAC Executive Director Jerry Johnson. “You don’t have to go anywhere in particular to see great artwork. You just get to drive by.”

He says the mural project helps show people that Decatur “embraces” art. Click here for more information about the program.

Anyone with an idea for a Spirit of Central Illinois nominee is asked to contact Jacklynn Boatman at